When implementing a production with high quality demands, organizers/producers are often faced with a large number of technical issues. This is where we step in and take the necessary action by providing consulting services, carrying out the planning and implementation to ensure the project runs smoothly. Our extensive theoretical and practical experience lays an optimal foundation for a high-quality outcome – on time and on budget.

The service portfolio of O-Lab Audio GmbH is subdivided into two main areas: planning services and event implementation.

Advance Planning

Consulting, conception and planning
We examine our clients’ visions, contents and priorities in depth, and use this as a basis to design and plan the required audio technology. In doing so, we fall back on what is tried and tested, yet are always open to other possible options. Quality is our top priority – while staying within the budget.

Preparation of tenders

After determining the technical and personnel demands, the producer needs to rely on a suitable service provider to implement these requirements accordingly. In this respect, we believe that it is key to look ahead and exactly consider all of the details in order to stay in line with the given budget.

Production implementation

Personnel planning/team set-up

The team is the linchpin in every production and determines the outcome. The key to success has and always will be the people who understand our clients’ vision and apply the necessary sensitivity when it comes to the technical implementation and operation of the systems in place. To ensure a high level of quality and smooth running across the crucial nodes of an audio production, we fill these key positions from our own ranks.

Supervision and implementation

The production location is the place where planning, team and technology come together. This is where the previously stand-alone production elements have to be coordinated to form a consistent whole – and to fulfil the mission in line with the given requirements. We cover our clients’ back on site, too, and find solutions for challenges that might arise during the production.

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